Thursday, August 26, 2010

ckparis and all saints impromptu photo shoot avec obe and daniella

hey all, what's going on?
tell me...

moi? well, if you follow me on twitter,( click the link on the right side of page),
you would know that i met two fabulous fashion stylists in all saints
a couple of weeks ago.
obe and daniella approached me in the all saints store and asked if they could take my photograph.
they told me they were working on a street style fashion trends project.
i told them ok and immediately went into chauss-itude mode.
i then turned the camera back on them.
the top photo was taken by me with daniella's real camera.

i have on a vince basic transparent white t avec american apparel polka dot bra,
denim mini, balenciaga white first, chevre leather, and black/gray/lavender fox tail.

see you on the astral plane.


Style Odyssey said...

awesome coolness! STILL kicking self for missing this fab store (and meeting up w/ you- shame on me). next time, next time.....

Pret a Porter P said...

You look good! The store looks pretty cool, the lights are kind of overwhelming but overall it's a cool looking store.

FashionJazz said...

Love your tee! xxx

Clem said...

Chauss high resolution portraits are great, huuum should I draw my big sis in thanks of all the great advices she gave me ? I think so :) Just wait for it !


ihaveadog said...

That camera does you justice! You look beautiful in those shots! Love it!

Birgitte said...

funny pictures! Love it !

Xoxo Birgitte

Anonymous said...

You were tons of fun! :)


Anonymous said...

you were a lot of fun! :)


Cruz said...

ooh congrats on bein spotted! That fox tail is so fabulous!