Saturday, October 9, 2010

ckparis, urchin scorpio and ann turk vintage

hey all, how is the weekend going?
this is non sequitor post.

moi? caught like a deer in the headlights on the floor.
i have a mac lipstick in my hand, givenchy black distressed 'gale,
ralph lauren hat, smooshy random gray shirt
and assorted chauss-elets.

can you tell i have scorpio eyes?
you can usually pick out scorpios bc no matter what the eye color, the eyes will usually have a hypnotic, intense trait that is instantly recognizable.

vintage ann turk black 'gator bag was located in my disorganized closet. judy has another vintage ann turk bag featured on her blog at atlantis home.
i have another one in cognac leather with silver turtles
climbing up the shoulder straps which is
still lost in the abyss of my closet...

see you on the astral plane.


Pret a Porter P said...

You have the coolest crocodile/alligator pieces. Your necklace looks cool too!

Philippe Öhlund said...

Chauss, nice little crocodile! :-)

When I was a kid I rode on a stuffed crocodile, which my parents had bought.

They were both artists and loved weird things.

The crocodile was filled with sawdust and one day it had leaked sawdust all over the place.. :-)

Right now I'm at home waiting for a friend.

We will have a few drinks before we head to Moulin Rouge in Lyon.

chauss said...

h, you have such the eye for detail!!! i forgot i had a necklace on ...vintage locket on an interestingly(?) knotted strand of pearls.

Style Odyssey said...

you are definitely the urchin scorpio in this photo.
i'm not familiar with ann turk but have seen the name pop of a few times recently. that bag is super awesome.

Ola said...

i really lik eur blog, great post!

please visit


FashionJazz said...

Luv ur outfit as always and Oooh when is ur bday? Yip, Im a scorpio too : ) xxx

Cruz said...

Croc!! :DD

L in progress said...

that bag is divine chauss!!


Nickie Frye said...

Fabulous bag!