Sunday, January 2, 2011

ckparis, celine sunglasses spring 2011 and thomas wylde first season

salutations all.
happy new year.
i am not gonna talk about resolutions for the new year on this blog.
by the time i finish writing them,
i will have lost interest or broken them.
2010 was a tough year.

i wish you all love, health and prosperity for 2011.
take one day at a time,
take one hour at a time if you need to that.
when you get up in the am,
look in the mirror and say out loud,
"today is gonna be a GREAT day."
put it out to the universe.
it's just as easy to be happy as is is to be miserable.

moi? thomas wylde first season black leather jacket lined with paula's skull print,
celine blue sunglasses spring 2011,
dior moto boots,
blue skinnies,
givenchy nightingale.

thank you all for your friendship (you all know who you are xo) and
if you are a regular reader and haven't introduced yourself already,
let me know who you are.

see you on the astral plane.


Style Odyssey said...

2010, a tough year indeed....
happy 2011, chauss! here's to great things ahead = cheers!
you know i LOVE that jacket, and the whole outfit. :)

Sharon Lei said...

Love the jacket!! Happy New Year! :)

xx Love & Aloha
Swing by to enter my Wendy Mink Giveaway!!

Anonymous said...

Happy 2011 to you to gorgeous!!! I love your positive attitude!!!

ediot said...

hi darling! absolutely love that outfit.
hope your 2011 will bring you nothing but good.
best wishes


Pret a Porter P said...

Your hair looks AMAZING. Flawless! Happy 2011!

Philippe Öhlund said...

Beautiful silhoutte, Chauss! :-)

I agree that 2010 was a tough year.

Chauss, I hope you will find a good winning strategy for 2011.

A good strategy allows you to perform poorly and still get an excellent result.

But without a smart strategy you can perform brilliantly, and yet get a bad result.

Everything in life is about strategy. :-)

It is like when I think I have 5 football winners and I play them in a combo and only 4 teams actually won and I lost my bet because I only had 4 correct of 5 results.

That can be compared to playing 3 doubles, where I only had one correct result in the first, and no correct result in the second, but both correct in the third.

Although only 3 of 6 results were correct that strategy gave a good profit, since the odds was about four times every bet, and I doubled the betting sum for every new double.

When I studied to get my law degree many years ago in Sweden I concentrated on learning a few important books very well.

I was among the 9% of students who got my law degree at a minimum time.

However, the world is changing so rapidly, we constantly need new winning strategies.

Good luck with your winning strategy for 2011! :-)

John B. Marine said...

Fabulous outfit! I tend to love those boots the most, but your entire look is fabulous.