Wednesday, June 22, 2011

ckparis, chanel black velvet vintage sac a dos and alaia platforms

bon jour.
just got this chanel vintage black velvet sac a dos from the early 90's lined in black leather.
it is not easy to photograph black velvet. the chanel is in very good condition with large embossed CCs on the bottom. the gold chains look great
with the black velvet.

i have seen this chanel model in black leather, but never in black velvet.
a certain je ne c'est quoi...

oh yeah, and  my alaia pony lace up platforms. :)

see you on the astral plane.


style odyssey said...

the pics turned out great- velvet IS tricky to photog.
the backpack is delicious in black velvet! never seen such a cool backpack in my life. if you should ever want to sell it, chauss... ;)

Unknown said...

that back bag!! i want one!

Lindsay said...

I love those Alaia ponies! They never get old!

Katherine said...

so pretty! And I adore those Alaia shoes :)

Unknown said...

Love love love that bag!

albert said...

don't think I've seen those shoes on you before, very nice.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE LOVE LOVE your black and white shoes!!! amazing love it sooooo much!!! :)
Thanks for telling me about your blog its great!
Zoee- From Sparkys :)