Sunday, June 5, 2011

ckparis paparazzi shots in thompson elevator la

paparazzi shots in the thompson elevator. la.
check out my $12 naturally distressed leather belt from jet rag.
thomas wylde first season leather tete de mort jacket, et al.

see you on the astral plane.


Pret a Porter P said...

sooo catroux! awesome blue shades too

style odyssey said...

fun decor in that elevator, so plush!
i see you're wearing mimosa-colored there no end to how fabulous yellow can be? :)

Anonymous said...

Those yellow shorts look awesome!

style odyssey said...

tell us about the yellow shorts...label...from...?
i'm on a mission to get something yellow but can't find the right shade.

chauss said...

f21. they got the yellow right, no golden bumble bee look.
mimosa all the way.
less $$$ than chanel polish!

style odyssey said...

cool! i'm going...f21 tomorrow. thanks, chauss! xoxo

ediot said...

the denim cutoffs. LOVE them
the color is just perfect

Rich and Rebellious said...

who takes awesome elevator shots? YOU do!!!! I love these pics there is something just very cool and chic about them! The outfit is perfect.

Marina said...

You look so cool!love yellow shorts!