Sunday, July 24, 2011

barneys la and the mimosa shorts avec thomas wylde

hey all,
yeah, we all know it's a zillion degrees avec beaucoup de humidity down here in the 'nana. (nyc too)

anyway, this pix was taken in barneys LA a couple of weeks ago.
mimosa shorts, marc jacob boots and thomas wylde first season leather jacket avec tetes de mort. (hidden from view)
i am standing near the nonfunctional frederic malle parfum telephone-esque booths.

in barneys LA , they are display units.
occasionally, the ambitious SA will spray parfum inside and tell you to smell.

in the frederic malle stores in paris, a fine mist is electronically shot inside the sealed booth when you want to smell a sample and then  you open it up to get a whiff, like someone who just walked past you with the scent.

i guess some things get lost in translation on the way to to the U.S.
c'est la vie.

see you on the astral plane.


style odyssey said...

i can't wait til it's cool enough to wear tights again. the weather in LA seems to be perfect!
it would be unlucky to walk into one of those paris booths to a scent that you don't like...only to have it attach itself to your clothes/skin!

chauss said...

you dont walk in, they just open the door, you can inhale 2-3 different one in same day.
does not get on you or clothes.

Pret a Porter P said...

interesting concept

Kazuko said...

love your mimosa shorts! and the boots... delish!

as for the heat and humidity - i'm getting really sick of wearing loose stuff and sandals here at 48 degrees C (approx. 118 Fahrenheit) and a disgusting humidity! i don't even own tights. :/

Lindsay said...

It is SO HOT. I love the yellow shorts! How fun! And those spray booths sound heavenly.

Unknown said...

nice jacket!

yiqin; said...

you look hot ;)