Monday, August 29, 2011

ckparis, ghiradelli dark chocolate and starbucks


hey all, what's going on?
i have crossed over  to the ultimate dark side of chocolate.
ghiradelli 100 % cacao.
nothing else. nope. nada.
this is NOT recommended for beginners or even intermediates.
start with 60%. 70%, 75%, etc............. and work your way up.

add a rick owens black sweater, chanel mimosa vernis and a triple shot dry soy cappuccino and you will start to fly.
adrenaline junkie peut etre?
see you on the astral plane.


style odyssey said...

oh my! and i thought i was being bold going with lindt 85%.
the sight of a black barney's co-op bag will forever remind me of good times shopping on south beach...and finding, by accident, the new co-op in aventura.

Lindsay said...

Barneys, chocolate, Rick Owens. Can it get any better?

Marina said...

I never tried 100% dark chocolate only 99%, but this is the best dessert I know. Today I'm also wearing mimosa)) You look as always very very good!

kimberly yang said...

I'm working my way up; currently at 85% and I haven't seen any 100% yet! The hunt starts now.

... Now you have me craving.

Anonymous said...

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chauss said...

yes, twitter name is @ckparischauss

Belle Armed said...

i love 100%, have been eaing it for a while now. it's delicious, especially with coffee and a smoke