Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ckparis and shanghai pearl tower

shanghai pearl tower and glass entrance to the apple store.
shanghai has the most outrageous architecture.

chauss random shanghai observations:

1.  everything  is open on sundays. it is just another day.
2.  taxi drivers keep crickets as pets in small glass jars.
3.  no english anywhere. none.
4.  shanghai loves blondes.
5.  foreign designer goods are more $$$ than in US or Europe.
6.  cucumber juice. perfect. plain. alkalize and energize.
7.  no one in shanghai wears sunglasses. (at least not in january).
8.  IFC mall. unbelievable. outrageous. makes bal harbour look like crap. celine, prada, miu miu, balmain, valentino, louis vuitton, cartier, tiffany and all the usual suspects under one roof.
disney world of shopping (but extra $$$ bc of high import taxes).
9.  twitter  and blogspot are blocked. this is communist china.
10.  no clothes dryers. tons of clothes, blankets and sheets are hanging outside everywhere (even in the expensive real estate sections).

see you on the astral plane.

p.s. you need a visa from the chinese goverment to enter shanghai.
credits:shanghai skyline pix taken by ann-rhea fitch.
top pix taken by the candy man.


O D Y S S E Y said...

very interesting.
i love the bizarre architectural mix.

yiqin; said...

i would love to go to shanghai! seems like a lot of fun

Cruz said...

haha that cricket idea is pretty cool, who'd of thought? I'm sure you turned quite a few heads with your blonde head of hair haha 8)