Friday, August 17, 2012

ckparis and the evil castle chapter 2: the voluptuous yellow roses

duke doomandgloom was not the only one in the evil castle with disciples. duchess morella had her own. i was not part of the duchess' disciples, but she liked me and anything from hermes.  i think she knew i was not afraid of her and actually thought she might be able to tame my brash spirit.

the duchess received the most voluptuous yellow roses one day from an admirer. i commented that they were absolutely amazing and she pulled one of the dozen from its crystal vase and insisted that i put it in my own office in the castle.

i took the rose and put in a small vase on my desk. i came back to my office after lunch and found my desk covered with yellow petals. someone had intentionally pulled all the petals off the yellow rose and left them strewn across my desk. weird? yes.
i told the duchess and she just shrugged it off and gave me another one of her beautiful roses.

i placed the second one in the same container and did not
give too much thought to the fate of the first rose. the next day, i found the second rose's stem to be broken in half. the rose hung down on my desk like it had suffered an evil demise.
this time, the duchess took a bit more interest and handed me a third rose because now this was not just weird, it was creepy evil.

and if you haven't already guessed, the the third rose had the most dramatic death. someone had actually made a clean cut of the entire rose head and left behind only the green vine in the vase. the culprit took all the petals and the rose head which were never found.
the duchess reported the strange behavior to the duke and he actually took the matter rather seriously.

a possible suspect employed by the evil castle was summoned to take a lie detector test. she confessed to other sins committed in the evil castle, but swore she did not tamper with the voluptous yellow roses. she was immediately dismissed for her acts of treason unrelated to the roses.
however, the victim always know who is really responsible...

and you thought college/grad school and the fashion industry was competitive? welcome to the evil castle.

see you on the astral plane.

p.s. if you got this far, let me know if you want me to continue with the evil castle memoirs.

balmain khaki boots et al.


Odyssey Home said...

Now that's creepy. At least you got out of there (and looking fabulous while doing so, I'm sure).
I vote you continue.

shoecrazy said...

Give us more on the evil castle.

Also, need a blog post on your late night boot buying madness. Photos please...... I'm obsessed with boots.

ihaveadog said...

WOW!!! What a macabre story! YES please, more about the castle and the victimization of you and the poor, voluptuous roses!!