Monday, November 19, 2012

ckparis and chicks on brickell and robert is here

hey all, you all know that i call miami the banana republic of the southernmost portion of the united states, ("the 'nana").
(yes, people really did throw rotting bananas in front of city hall back during the elian gonzalez scandal) true.
this video was taken last week off  brickell ave which is the financial center of the area.
no problem, chickens and roosters run free in an urban environment . turn up the volume and hear the rooster crow on cue .
yeah, midtown has christian louboutin, marni, margiela, lous vuitton and soon 2b new hermes, but brickell has the chicks.
ahhh, just another day in paradise.

now, if you travel down south a bit further, you get to homestead, florida and Robert Is Here. truly a magical country farm to buy local produce, jams, preserves, smoothies. you can even walk in the planting fields. best way to recharge your energy .

a little diversion form the usual fashion posts.
have a fabulous thanksgiving.
see you on the astral plane.


ODYSSEY said...

That's interesting trivia about Brickell. I didn't know there were roaming chickens - just like in the West Indies: Once a rooster walked in my front door and hung around a while. Another time a chicken came in through the cat's window and set up camp on my coffee table. Paradise indeed.
Happy Thanksgiving! xo

ihaveadog said...

I LOVE that video. Can't imagine a place where chicks run free and mind their own business. You look great in Green Acres!