Friday, December 7, 2012

ckparis and celine matrix, burberry and chan luu

hey all, what's going on?
always have a sense of humor and
celine matrix sunglasses, chan luu cashmere smooshy scarf, and
burberry shearling stilettos et al.
see you on the astral plane.


ODYSSEY said...

You are so right. A sense of humor goes a long way.
Great style doesn't hurt, either. ;)

Philippe Öhlund said...

Well, yeah, those shoes are great.

I'm still at Thessaloniki, but I'm going to Constantinople-Istanbul, before I head north to Stockholm.

Merry Christmas!!! :-)

Philippe Öhlund said...

Chauss, I forgot to wish you a nice trip to Paris.

I'm sure, you will have a wonderful time.

Don't eat yourself sick on dark chocolate, frog legs, and snails! :-)

I saw the pic, with the remaining flight hours, from inside the air craft. Bravo!

Bon voyage! :-)

Καλό ταξίδι!