Friday, January 18, 2013

ckparis, gavilane and shelter serra

hey all, what's going on? my wrist du jour is covered in my standard vintage sacri tabu chauss-elets, Gavilane Paris vintage morrocan handcuff found by the fabulous and talented Aden at a market in the south of france and Shelter Serra's faux rolex.

i seem to have a fascination with objects that represent watches that do not actually tell time on the third dimension.
see my Tom Binns faux panerai-esque silver cuff with the face inscribed with "Time is Money"  click here
and Natalia Brilli's leather wrapped nolex. click here
must be my fascination with different dimensions...

make ita FABULOUS weekend.
see you on the astral plane.


ODYSSEY said...

That must be it.
Wonder how many people ask you for the time, seeing that you have on a "watch"..
I'm surprised that Margiela hasn't done a faux watch (or have they?) since the brand likes to play with perception, pre-conceived notions..

yiqin; said...

so jealous of your jewellery <3

Gisela said...

Hi beautiful! we remember you when you visited us way back on heightsoffashion! so happy to see you are still blogging after all these years! we will be sure to keep up with you and would love for you to come back and visit us! we just relaunched our blog and hope you like :-)


Gisela & Maury

ihaveadog said...

Great wrist!!! Need to see more Alaia boots please xox!!

Style Diary Of A Fashion Fanatic said...

Great bracelets and accessories!!!!!