Monday, June 10, 2013

ckparis and miami wynwood graffiti wars part 2 freehumanity v. lister v. miami locals

mister lister was not satisfied with destroying omen514's wynwood mural. on the other side of panther coffee, there was a beautiful Audrey mural. Audrey was painted by an LA graffiti artist, freehumanity.
ironically, freehumanity instagrammed me when he saw i had photographed his work for my instagram account. freehumanity wanted high pixel photos of his wynwood Audrey for his records. Hmmmm, did freehumanity have a premonition about what was to occur?
a few weeks later,  the wynwoood Audrey was painted over by another graffiti artist. yup, lister.
this time. the homies buffed lister's painting. the wall is still in that state as of today. see pictures below. click on last pix to see both before and after.
and lister still has his legitimate solo exhibition right across the street at the robert fontaine gallery.
hey lister, didn't your mom teach you to share?
i really hope freehumanity takes a trip down to tropical paradise and paints another wynwood piece.
that wall is just not the same without Audrey.
which brings us to the miami wynwood graffiti wars part 3...
who painted over lister's paint jobs?
and what do you all think about lister destroying amaaaazing wynwood work done by other artists?
see you on the astral plane and
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