Sunday, July 14, 2013

ckparis and the 2square chronicles part 1

once upon a time, in a place below the mason dixon line, lived 2 guys named justin vallee and jeremiah taylor. their destiny was to become 2square.

you know when you meet someone that just fits with you? yeah, that instant feeling of familiarity and how they just get you. these two guys work it together like an ice cream swirl. the flavors look and taste great together, but each part is also distinctly different from the other.

i had a chance to catch up the boys at their wynwood exhibiton and goodbye party before their 4 month european tour. 2square was to leave town on july 2, but the seductive nature of wynwood and its surrounding parts have kept them grounded just a little bit longer.
and on the subject of wynwood, 2square has painted amazing murals all over town.

 2square's current goals include traveling and painting the globe. 2square has covered a decent bit of territory already and intend to continue their sojourn to new and familiar places.
 Q: so why is 2square still in wynwood?
a) too many new options to continue to paint down here and make $$$ for european tour
b) Justin forgot to renew his passport
c) Jeremiah's passport got stolen and was being used by some dude who was trying to smuggle illegal counterfeit goods from asia
d) 2square just got signed for a hush-hush tv deal

so, which one is it?
next installment is a Q and A with 2square on the real deal.
stay tuned.
see you on the astral plane.


ODYSSEY said...

It appears that their work is so utterly fitting for Miami, so it's natural that Wynwood would be a good fit for their art.
Thanks for opening our eyes to such talent!

Tilly said...