Thursday, February 27, 2014

ckparis and Chanel graffiti backpack

ckparis and chanel graffit backpack

ckparis and chanel graffiti backpack
just back from Paris...
you all know i love graffiti so the Chanel spring 2014 graffiti backpack was a perfect addition to my collection.
isabel marant black suede jacob boots and basics.
i was able to take a great video of the elaborate wrapping of the Chanel graffiti backpack. i will post the link soon.
always nice to find a perfect item before it even hits the Chanel stores.
make it a FABULOUS weekend.
see you on the astral plane.


ihaveadog said...

HELLO! Details please about Chanel Backpack!! it's fabulous!

ODYSSEY said...

That IS the perfect backpack for you!

ODYSSEY said...

It IS the perfect backpack for you!

Pret a Porter P said...

you know I was skeptical of those things, but leave it to you to rock that backpack! I second odyssey, so you!! so cool!