Monday, June 1, 2009

ckparis and the KRELwear interview

there is something magical about krelwear.
deliciously knit fabrics are coupled with a laissez-faire attitude about how you ultimately wear the pieces. a simple tube of knitted cotton/lurex can be worn as skirt, a top, or even a belt.

the designer and performance artist behind the concept is karelle levy. i met karelle at a "quickie couture" party at oxygene in miami.
karelle goes on tour around the world with a small entourage creating hand knit pieces for women, men and even kids right on the spot. voila, KREL-2-GO.

next stop for KREL-2-G0... art basel! the scope art show in basel, switzerland. krelwear will be performing its magic there from june 8, 2009 to june 14, 2009.
if any of you are going to art basel, make sure you email me so i can pass your info to krelwear.

anyway, i took home an adorable krelwear black knit mini skirt which was hand quickie coutured by karelle at the oxygene party and an invite to visit the krelwear studio.

here's the 411 on my interview with karelle:

chauss: what is the significance of the logo of krelwear?

karelle: The logo is an actual image. It was photographed in 1998 and used
ever since then as the logo. I made the dress and graduated in it in 1997 at
Rhode Island School of Design. So it's really the beginning of the beginning.

(i had the pleasure of seeing the actual logo dress hanging in the krelwear studio.)

chauss: what type of material do you use to create your designs?

karelle: I'm Miami's knitter. I love to combine yarns to create interesting
textures that wouldn't be typical in knitwear. I make a lot of really
sexy classy pieces that are versatile. So going from day to night is
really easy with pieces from my collection.

chauss: ok, it's monday night, where are you?

karelle: Monday nights I host Stitchin Boozin Bitches, a night at the
Standard Hotel Miami Beach. Its the best relaxed, creative, and
productive evening event in Miami. 8- midnight. We knit, crochet, and
booze and bitch... but mainly we stitch. There are games for those
who don't want to knit.... and you can always bitch about something...
so its something for everyone at a reasonable hour and in a great

chauss: who or what is your inspiration?

karelle: My mom is my inspiration. I lost her when I was 16 and she was a
fashionista and textile artist. I believe I'm completely a
combination of the two done in my own way.
Then of course there are those designers I love to watch... Alexander
McQueen, Issey Miyake, Missoni, Preen, John Galliano, and Karl Lagerfeld.
I'm really into theatrical shows. McQueen and Galliano are the tops.

chauss: fall 09?

karelle: here are some photos to preview the upcoming fall 09 collection...and
first time MEN's collection!
(see pix above of both upcoming krelwear's men's and women's fall 09 collections)

top pix is me with krelwear custom couture black knit mini skirt avec a krelwear custom couture distressed black sweater with a hint of beautiful ruby red knit running through it.

second pix from top is me in black knit skirt made pour moi by karelle levy at the KREL-2-GO event at oxygene. i paired it with krelwear black knit custom couture headband. a perfect example of krelwear "quickie couture". n'est pas?

third pix from the top are krelwear fall 09 women's and men's collections.

fourth pix from the top is THE krelwear logo inspired by the original krelwear dress.

the bottom pix is the lovely and talented karelle levy.
can't you feel her creative energy and attitude?

you have gotta catch the next KREL-2-GO tour coming to a city near you...


Pret a Porter P said...

i esp. like the distressed sweater on you. that is impressive that she graduated from RISD! you always hear wonderful things about that school!

how long did it take for her to hand knit the custom pieces?

chauss said...

h, i don't know... maybe she works on them at her monday night soirees at the standard hotel on miami beach.
i picked up another custom knitted tube top which i will feature soon as well as a couple of pieces of her ready to wear collection in... you guessed it, black knit. :)

InnyVinny said...

Loved your interview questions and the answers!

I need to find my own bitch and stitch circle in L.A. Maybe I'd be more productive. LOL.

I hope to see krel up close and personal sometime soon.

yiqin; said...

Super hot shoes!!!! :)


thanks :)

PS: I still want all of your shoes, especially these Cactus booties and the cool-combat boots below. ;)


Cruz said...

Nice interview, didn't know about this brand before so thanks for the 411. :)

Vintage Lollipops said...

Oh man, the first photo is so badass! I love it!
Fantastic interview, you rocked it babe. xxx

BB&HH said...

These boots of yours are killing meeee :'( !
They are Amazing !

Clem said...

I was waiting and now I want to see more of KRELwear creations ... :)

Thanks to you :)

Mona said...

Wow! Your sweater with the ruby thread is amazing - great purchase! Can't wait to see the rest of your custom and RTW pieces.
Thanks for the interview!
I agree with InnyVinny - wish there was a bitch and stitch near me....

The Little Fashion Treasury said...

AAAh, your Louboutin´s are probably 2die4!!
Love also your wonderful header!!!

Will add you to my blogroll so that I can check back often ;)

Happy sunny weekend!!!

Philippe Öhlund said...

You radiate some hot crawfish mystique in that hat, Chauss! :-)

I wish you an excellent evening!