Tuesday, April 20, 2010

ckparis and balmain khaki boots

hey all, how are you all doing?

moi? hanging out in my balmain khaki boots avec philosophy di alberta ferretti
pink nude paper leather jacket.
i kinda like khaki with pink.
i styled the boots without all the military garb current trend.
maybe on the weekend
or not...

why are boots so addicting?

see you on the astral plane.


Roz said...

Oh god Chauss, you're killing me, that's such a well put-together look. I like the top, but those boots finish off the look beautifully

ihaveadog said...

YES! They look amazing, and esp love the jacket with them! Good buy!

Unknown said...

I wanna know also the answer why boots are addicting!:) Great look as always.

Style Odyssey said...

Killer boots- really liking those, and the jacket, too...Great pairing.

I've been a boot addict my entire life, no kidding. Oddly, I never wondered why.

I've had to fly most of my boots back to the States...they're not very practical for a tropical island. Who knew? ;)

Belle Du Jour said...

Love the boots gorgeous! xx

Caroline Gault said...


1) You own BALMAIN!

2) Those shoes are incredible!!

3) You are rocking this look... and I love that you're wearing the shoes in the office.


Pret a Porter P said...

For second I thought you were in the office too. You look amazing as usual!

chauss said...

h, you have the best eye for detail!
nm mariposa village of merrick park,
the inside room (confusing part)

Hal E. Liebling said...

chauss!! i love the balmain!! great choice. the entire look is amazing.
i haven't been able to access my hal.e.liebling gmail account lately for some reason, but i'd like to talk about some miu miu with you .. shoot me an email at halcoholic@gmail.com? xox


Blicious said...

hottttttt boots! love!


Cruz said...

Love those boots! SO chic! :)

Tokyo fashion-HOLIC said...

I love this boots,too.
and your outfit is awesome!

albert said...

nice shots. love the khaki-beige colors on you. the boots are very cool.

laurennicolelove.com said...

just found your blog! stopping in to say hello.

much love,

- lauren xoxo