Tuesday, May 4, 2010

ckparis and balmain black suede fringe boots

hey all, what does one do when it is raining on and off (chicago)
and too windy to use an umbrella?(chicago)
try a hat. :)

what does one do when the weather changes by 10 or 20 degrees in an hour or so?
try layers, chauss style.
ie. arm warmers. :)
the ones i have on are from threddies.com.
great selection of fun accessories at threddies.

i also have on h and m tights :)
we don't have h & m down in the 'nana so
going to a city with one (chicago) is always fun since
you can't shop h & m by email. :(

basic white smooshy t, black mini skirt, and black suede balmain boots with
black cap complete the look.

a couple of things not showing in pix:
vintage rhinestone choker from the new sofia store on oak st and
poppy king black lipstick which isn't really black,
but when worn on a naked lip looks like you just ate juicy blueberries.
really fun when worn this way for low maintence make up chicks.
very true blood -esque.
(is it june 13 yet?)

see you on the astral plane.


ryder said...

belmain all the way

JINX said...

simply stunning...


Roz said...

I love hats too, totally agree they're the best thing if you're gonna be dodging showers all day - looks good, one less thing to carry around and saves the hair from getting blown around too.

LOVE the arm warmers, how cool!

Hal E. Liebling said...

chauss you look great; i love the balmain. the look is very 80s inspired without any cheesiness. love it!! xo


London said...

i love you windy city look, but i am quickly learning you make everything look fabulous! =)