Thursday, May 20, 2010

ckparis and givenchy spring 2010 bondage ankle strap wedges

hey people, as promised, better pix of my
givenchy spring 2010 bondage ankle strap wedges.
soft ruched black leather with 3 straps around the ankle and
2 straps across the instep.

not for those with vertigo.
however, i did wear them out for 8 hours the first time.
must be years of ice skating, roller blading and
running high rise stairs.
yes, they are challenging.
c'est la vie,

see you on the astral plane.


Anonymous said...

Hottest shoes ever!

Hal E. Liebling said...

Chauss they look INCREDIBLE. Good choice!! May be challenging now, but so very worth it.



Matthew L. Romo said...

CK!!!! How've you been??? I've just been catching up on your blog, I've been completely under a rock. Anyways, I went to NYC the other day and discovered that CL now makes men's shoes. Guess who got a pair of "Freddy Man Flat Patent Calf/Napa" in cream color. priced obscenely though.... so I'm debating about returning them. but whatever it takes to get though the day, right ?? ;)

Clem said...

woaw these shoes are amazing !

InnyVinny said...


Cruz said...

So so chic! I'd expect nothing less from Chauss ;)

Roz said...

Oh my days Chauss, they're so HOT. Thanks for the HQ pics, you look amazing. Glad you have the confidence for such high heels too, I'm tiny so live for high heels and wedges, and years of dance has helped me like years of running the stairs has you x


Leia said...

whoaaa, great shoes!

Sans titre said...

! Love ur shoes girl
'ECH from pAris
La Bise

May Kasahara said...

made. for. you.

ihaveadog said...

You were the first. And, I adore them on you!