Tuesday, June 1, 2010

ckparis and essie mesmerize and diet coke

hey all,
i am such the east coast chick operating on west coast hours.
how was your weekend? tell me...

moi? hanging out in essie mesmerize nail polish with an aluminum bottle of diet coke.
whatever gets you thru the 90000 degree day with matching humidity down in the 'nana.

i liked the combination of denim blue avec the red, black and silver from the bottle and my chauss-elets.

have a FABULOUS week.
i think it's time to do something out of your comfort zone again and
see what happens...
you all remember that?

see you on the astral plane.


InnyVinny said...

Had a great, lazy weekend that was capped with a shoe purchase and fish tacos. =D

Try and keep cool, chauss. I think I have a week before it starts to get that hot here.

Belle Du Jour said...

love the nailpolish color! love YOU! x

Angela See, Angela Blog said...

That nail colour is superb! I had an ok weekend, had to get an insane amount of school work done -shudders-


Style Odyssey said...

that color is sublime. even the diet coke bottle is chic.
stay cool- as for me, i'm indoors, luxuriating in the a/c...i could get used to this.

albert said...

just finished catching up on your blog. such a cool shot. always meaning to tell you, you have beautiful hands. i also enjoyed dr. gallo's info!! looking forward to seeing you later. there is a comment someone wrote a few posts ago, i want to discuss w/you later.

R. Eductil said...

Love your blog. And I am also like you as I am also very lazy in my weekends.

Wardrobe Wars said...

could you please tell me what color varnish is on your nails , i love it !
Have a great weekend.


chauss said...

wardrobe wars, my polish is essie mesmerize.