Monday, November 22, 2010

ckparis, gianni barbato and forever 21

hey all, how are you?
paris pour moi!
mercredi. ahhhh....

anyway, very hard to find a quiet spot at bal harbour to describe my sunday outfit.
this was filmed with the iphone 4.
if you cant see it from your phone, you will able to see the video on a pc or apple.
what do you all think of my video concept?

if you can't hear the video, i have on gianni barbato boots,
vintage diesel denim back pack,
smooshy soft f21 sweater and
mini skirt avec a ralph lauren cap.

see you on the astral plane.


Style Odyssey said...

hey chauss,
the video concept is cool, and yes i could hear you just fine. your style is very well-edited, which is just one reason i like it.
bal harbor....i'm jealous. ;)

Paula P. said...

Videos are good but in additional HQ pictures are better :)

ihaveadog said...

You look and are so cute. Love the voiceover and you do appear tres francais!! xoxoxoxo!!!! Love you!