Monday, November 1, 2010

CKParis du jour on the radio

salutations all.

CKParis du jour radio show starts on tuesday, november 2,2010 at 300pm to 330 pm.
you can listen to the show broadcast livestream from
my CKParis du jour producer is tonya scholz and
my guest is dr. julio gallo, m.d. and facs, facial plastic surgeon and medical director of the miami institute.
dr. gallo and i will discuss facial fillers including restylane, perlane, juviderm, radiesse, sculptra and selphyl for antiaging and scar correction.

if you dont feel good about yourself, it doesn't matter what fashion you wear.
a positive attitude is essential for real style.

stop by to listen to the CKParis radio show livestream at at 3:00 pm est on tuesday, november 2, 2010.
you can also call in to ask dr. gallo questions during the show.


Style Odyssey said...

cool. i'll tune in, chauss. xo

chauss said...

the telephone number to call in and ask questions live on air is 561-206-2361.
the show is 300-330 pm tomorrow, tuesday est.
phillipe, you can call in too from lyon.

Unknown said...

wow! it's great to be on the radio!

thank you for passing by and leaving your sweet comment! i'm happy you liked my blog! remember you can keep in touch with my blog via blogger, bloglovin or facebook!

xoxo from rome

albert said...

love this shot, shows the no nonsense, 'I'm busy here' Chauss, but still glamorous.
Thought I had missed your radio program because I lost internet for many hours on Tues., but for your fans who missed on Tues., wanna let them know they can still catch it. There is a link for past shows. You and Dr. Gallo were great! a.