Monday, February 28, 2011

ckparis at taquerias calle ocho

hey all,
thought i would tell you a bit about calle ocho in the 'nana
where do you go for authentic mexican food on calle ocho?
Taquerias El Mexicano in Little Havana

i am standing in front of the establishment (note the bars on the windows)and was conversing with a giant chicken in a fedora.
welcome to miami.

the night i went to taquerias, i was in good company.
tiny place had 4 miami rescue guys in uniform and
a couple of under cover cops at another table.
btw, the food is good.

and if you want to stop your car in an active lane of traffic,
for whatever unknown reason,
go ahead,
seems to be a pattern in this area.
maybe put on your hazards next time?
just a suggestion...

miami vice?
don johnson?
yeah, they filmed here.

gianni barbato boots, shirt white button down and
givenchy 'gale.

can you tell i am going thru something major?

see you on the astral plane.


Anonymous said...

This outfit is sooo you! I love it!

Cruz said...

I've never had Mexican food from your side of the USA - if I ever make it to the 'nana you'll have to show me all the best places! ;)

Pret a Porter P said...

I always hated driving in south beach, too narrow, and the people honking for you to make a left when the light is still red... :/

I want to make it down to aventura sometime this year when I have time.

albert said...

like the fact little havana is getting, kinda, almost cool place to hang.

Mariam said...

CK! This place is fantastic! When I lived in Brickell I'd go often!!

Anyway, lookin' good come by Margiela sometime!