Tuesday, February 22, 2011

ckparis in celine store

hey all, how are you?

moi? paparazzi shot in the celine store.
check out the leather cabas tote bags.

i have on my ysl vintage heart and serpent t shirt form the 70s with
a f21/petra zillia red knit dress worn as a skirt and my alaias.

major overload of color for my own psyche.
this outfit lasted only a couple of hours before i felt the need for black.
i don't know why i don't feel comfortable with major color and prints,
maybe my personality and aura are strong enough...
how do you all feel about wearing color?

see you on the astral plane.


Izzy said...

Which one did you buy?? I'm slowly opening up again to wearing color..

Style Odyssey said...

killer outfit, as always, chauss. your alaias are divine; love seeing you wear them.

i have a newer, gentler relationship with color lately. i am ditching virtually all my colorful prints, having suffered an overdose of it during my caribbean years. so it's soothing neutrals or all black these days, with the occasional solid color, on my new terms (no more wildly colored resort wear).

celine store...in miami? did i miss something on my routine escapes to the 'nana??

Pret a Porter P said...

I may be known to wear black and tailored, but when I do color it is an over the top explosion, especially in the summer. I love tropical fabulous prints, it's something about being tan with crazy hair and living in the tropics it just makes sense.

chauss said...

jury is still out....
loving the black vertical.

chauss said...

yes, you did!
celine store is in bal harbour
down in the 'nana.

Anonymous said...

You look great! I am on the waiting list for a Celine bag ;)

Style Odyssey said...

thanks, chauss. i haven't been to bal harbor in ages! clearly i have some catching up do to, when i'm back in those parts.

yiqin; said...

I love wearing colors :)

Philippe Öhlund said...

Interesting T-shirt, Chauss! :-)

A serpent inside a heart indeed.

My first thought was the serpent and the Tree of Life.

But instead of having the serpent passing through the different sephirot, it is inside a heart.

Amazing and amusing!

The words serpent and sapiens (wisdom), are related one to another.

We are actually born with a snake inside.

When I was younger I studied the Old Testament.

But then a snake would eventually show up coming right out of my body.

I got tired of that and decided to content myself studying the New Testament, where this phenomenon never occured.

Maybe I should make like the Egyptians and have it come out of my head instead, so I don't have to watch it.

It was anyway dark grey and very nice.

I wonder if it could be white now, because then I would have become wise?

Once, around 15 years ago, when I worked as a newspaper salesman, I phoned a client, a woman in fact who was about to jump out from her balcony on the 5th floor to take her life.

She told me about it, so after I had finished work we decided to meet and eat.

She was a beautiful Swedish blonde woman and after we had eaten she told me she was afraid of sleeping alone and invited me to her.

I accepted. Her apartment was covered with pictures and sculptures of the elephant Ganesha, which she worshiped.

She knew Sanskrit and started to sing in Sanskrit for me.

I eventually fell asleep and when I woke up she sat on a chair and had lit a lot of candles everywhere.

She looked very afraid.

She said she didn't dare to sleep because I had a big grey serpent beside me keeping watch over me.

Like other women I have met my spiritual self scared her away.

She got so scared didn't dare to see me again, but later I heard she had converted to Catholicism and went to Church regularly...

Celine said...

Did you buy any?
I love Celine :)