Tuesday, March 22, 2011

best of ckparis part 4 louboutins and k-cord

hey all, how are you doing?
moi? totally freaking out.
did intense reiki on myself yesterday.
perfectly timed with the super moon, and the general world events...

so here's another repost until i reach a new level of resonance.
and true blood is back in june.

hanging out in a raquel allegra shredded gray t shirt, rich and skinny jeans, my favorite kieselstein-cord silver 'gator belt avec louboutin otk black suede monicas.

i am so missing true blood. i caught an epsisode of the tv series, vampire diaries.
what's up with that?
how diluted can vampire lore get?
these vampires drink coffee! (sign me up if you get to drink coffee for all eternity)
and they can hang out in the daylight bc they have special rings.?
eric, bill, come back soon.

see you on the astral plane.


Pret a Porter P said...

As you know I love those boots and that belt especially

Viv said...

gorgeous boots! found your blog via TPF in the Marco Tagliaferri thread :)


Marina said...

I don't like vampire movies but True Blood is something special. Love it so much!can't wait for new series.
P.S. Amazing boots and you too!

Cruz said...

Lovin these "Best of" posts haha. Hope you're doing well :)