Sunday, March 27, 2011

the best of ckparis part 5 guns and roses and airport security

hey guys, how are you all doing?
i will be back to new posting in the near future.
thank you for all your thoughts and concern.

ok, the energy is finally shifting, we will feel it by the middle of next week. so, hang in there and do what you can to get through the crap. my favorite personal energy band aid fix is shopping...
this is my custom made guns and roses belt. (for obvious reasons)
i have a file with homeland security because of this belt.
stop here if you dont care...otherwise....

i wore this belt to MIA international and took it off when i went through security. i asked security if it was ok, response was , "sure, no problem."

flash forward five days later... LAX airport, took off my belt, put it in security bin... LAX security calls the LA police, i get detained for??? a belt that looks like a gun. btw, it has a flat back... anyway, i just want my belt back, i dont want it confiscated which is what they were sorta planning...
i manage to convince them to let me go back through security to check it.
i give it to a woman who knows me at the first class desk, and get this, instead of taking my money and fedexing to me, she offers to walk it on the plane for me...
she does. (such an angel) i have my belt. see pix.

about 4 weeks later, i get a letter from homeland security telling me they are not pressing charges. things that make you go hmmmmm.

see you on the astral plane.


Pret a Porter P said...

crazy!!! this reminds me of hanh (from life and travel blog) had a problem with airport security because of her alexander mcqueen clutch (the kind with the knuckle duster). thankfully they didn't "confiscate" it, it's a cool belt!

I'm glad things are looking up for you :) with perservance things eventually will balance out the way they need to be.

albert said...

do not remember hearing that story. Happy to hear about the shift, we all knew it was coming. You've heard, when one door closes, another opens. But sometimes we're 'in the hallway' and that's a bitch.

Cruz said...

sigh the age we live in -__- Glad to hear things are looking up! :)

Mariam said...

Oh my god CK, that is pretty crazy! Glad you have your Guns N' Roses back! ;]

style odyssey said...

whoa...that's some craziness! my travels through airport security are boring by comparison.
i'm glad things are shifting for you. you've been on my mind during my crazy relocation period.