Sunday, May 1, 2011

ckparis and balenciaga bubble gum pink WE et al.

   hey all, how are you? what are you doing?  
  i can't figure out the margins on blogger. don't know what      they did to the system....

  anyway, moi hanging out in saks near my favorite
 "cousin it"  silver bead display.
 balenciaga bubble gum pink WE, f21 neon pink t shirt and usual denim avec
  chloe sevigny  for opening ceremony boots.

  see you on the astral plane.


Kazuko said...

didn't like the boots first, but they grew on me - now i love them. they lool adorable!

style odyssey said...

that's a clever description for the silver bead display thingy. ;)
you look lovely in pink.

Anonymous said...

Those boots look so good!

ihaveadog said...

LOVE the outfit, esp the boots. SO you!

Rich and Rebellious said...

all of your outfits are always the BEST, I actually curse when I see them, like fuck those boots are awesome! Then I try and compose myself and write something a little more acceptable lol But yes, lovely boots