Saturday, May 14, 2011

ckparis with prada sac a dos on oak street

how are you all?

moi? hanging out on oak street in chicago.

today? another 90 degree day in the 'nana.

see you on the astral plane.


style odyssey said...

i like these photos, the angle and location- kind of cool.
your hair always looks so awesome, chauss. <3
we have a "cold" front in coastal south texas...maybe it'll head toward the 'nana, cool things down a bit.
question: do you, or would you, wear chanel mimosa w/ all black attire? yeah, weird question but...(and no, i've not bought it, not sure it would work w/ my usual monochrome black; so i seek your opinion..)

Sienna said...

lovely outfit, belle

Anonymous said...

I want your scarf!