Wednesday, January 4, 2012

ckparis in black velvet with gavilane antique french lock and key cuff

hey all, what's going on?
detail shots pour vous.
american apparel black velvet mini dress, random black sequin head band, chanel black velvet vintage sac a dos, essie midnight cami et silver sparkle vernis, the usual chauss-elets

and my new antique vintage lock and key cuff.
aden from gavilane paris found this cuff in a marseilles market
and it is a true weapon, extremely heavy metal.
check out the attached lock and key.

cruz, this is the bracelet i told you about.
i knew this vintage piece was definitely coming back to the states
with me.
(stay tuned for more vintage finds from gavilane soon.)

see you on the astral plane.


O D Y S S E Y said...

jewelry that doubles as weaponry...i'm liking that!
beautiful velvet dress. i miss AA shopping. on AA here in this remote outpost.

Pret a Porter P said...

definitely cool!

ihaveadog said...

LOVE the entire ensemble! TOOOO chic!

yiqin; said...

i always wanted a black velvet dress! Love yours <3

Liz Lizo said...

That is a great vintage find, only in Paris can you find such a gem.
As always great chic look and again you just inspired me to stick to working out.

Cruz said...

Hahah thanks for the twitter reminder. With school and work I stray from my blogroll. Anywho... Ooh la la! Beautiful jewelry doubling as weaponry is the chicest! That dress is great too, my friend was showing it to me the other day. Fabulous as ever Chauss ;)

Rich Hippie said...

aaaw totally want that backpack