Friday, February 22, 2008

anatomy of an american apparel gray scarf

i hope you are having a great weekend. today's accessory du jour is an aa gray unisex scarf. hopefully, the pictures illustrate how versatile it can be with right attitude. i featured this scarf today because it is a fabulous low priced item that can totally change your outfit. see above. go out and grab one. they come in a multitude of colors and the material is totally smooshy delicious.
please ask questions or comment if you want more information on any of the other items in the picture. more later, i am off to enjoy the outdoors, and to shop, of course.
p.s. matt, i will take your advice and feature some of my thomas wylde first edition stuff soon.


Matthew L. Romo said...

you look soooo mischievous in the first pic. loveit!!

LittleSclicesOfHeaven said...

Wohoo- you're still rockin the '05 BG! That color always reminds me of you!:)