Friday, February 22, 2008

hermes kelly dog bracelet

salutations. hope you are all set for the weekend. please let me know what you want to see and hear about. i want to make my blog more interactive with my readers. dont be shy... if i don't like your suggestions, i won't listen. and if i do, well, you might just get to share some of my special dark chocolate. yummy...

anyway, the add on du jour to the usual chauss bracelets is my hermes black leather kelly dog. and talking about woof woofs, i got a new picture of roxie who is doing her best to adjust to life as a 90210 resident. and d. and a.? well, they are taking care of business and roxie... so, go out and have a frozen margarita. see you later on the astral plane.

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Matthew L. Romo said...

chauss, your blog is providing much needed procrastination from the pharmacoepidemiology paper im writing- thank you!! I think you should keep up the accessory du jour thing... I'd love to see some of your Thomas Wylde stuff