Thursday, February 28, 2008

sprinkles cupcakes shout out

a special shout out to my readers at tfs. thank you for your emails and private messages telling me that you are reading my blog. please leave me comments on this blog as to what you want to see and chat about. you don't need a bloggger account. you can comment as anonymous and leave me your tfs user name. i will figure it out. anyway, grab a delicious cupcake of your choice before they are gone!
sprinkles is a bakery in bev hills which gets a line around the block to buy these cupcakes. yummmmmy. btw, this photo is courtesy of the boys in 90210 post road trip.


mychillywilly said...

Hi I love your fashion style and your louboutins!!

chauss said...

thank you chillywilly :)