Saturday, November 22, 2008

ckparis and gucci python

hello all. how is your weekend going?

moi? i am motivating myself to go and do stairs. i am such the procrastinator...
i bought dark chocolate pretzels today. so, i figure if i eat a couple, my motivation will kick in...
and the bittersweet/salty thing works for me.

True Blood is on tomorrow...and then i think that's it for a while. :(
so, don't miss it.

i went shopping today in my own closet. this is a definite perk to being closet disorganized. i always find forgotten treasures under my own roof. lol.

i have on my barbato boots,alexander wang basics and my gucci first season black python hysteria hobo (found in my own closet!)
this python hobo gets better with use. the first season s/s '07 hysteria pythons have white scales underneath the black python. the bag has these radical silvery spots from the mixture of black and white.
my rock and roll python... :)

the gucci pythons from this season f/w'08 are all one color and topped with sealant.
not my personal look.

see you on the astral plane.


withasianstereotypes said...

lovely out fit and blog for that instance.

InnyVinny said...

I love it.

I finally made it back to the 4th. Couldn't be happier right now.

PUNKIE said...

I want your bag!! ;D

Dana (MODAna) said...

wow, Chauss.

Matthew L. Romo said...

so is this winter in miami?!! i can't feel my extremities when I go outside here and it's only november!

Anonymous said...

I love the outfit! (especially the boots... so jealous).


Fashion Is Poison said...

sweeeet. you always have an eye for great bags ;)

Izzy said...

gucci isn't exactly my cup of tea right now, but you always make everything your own. :)

Nicole said...

you have so many fabulous pieces of clothing!

Mode Junkie said...

i love pretzels. :)
you look amazing in those boots. i'm jealous.

May Kasahara said...

I have no idea what to do until next summer.

I don't think I'll be able to wait either. A winter full of Bill withdrawals sounds so painful.

You however are looking amazing - love the rock and roll.

Marina said...

Great bag and I agree with you it looks better loosing some colour!
I love when you wearing hat!You look amazing!!!!!!

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

What an amazing look you have going here Chauss. So you, so effortless, I love it.
Thank you for the warmth and sunshine you're sending my way from half the world away :) Right back at you of course!
xo much love

What is Reality Anyway? said...

ya, i agree--your guci bag is FAR better