Saturday, November 15, 2008

ckparis, black lace and black eye

hello readers. how are you all doing?
just take the responsiblity to have a GREAT weekend.
and if you have shut off your phone and not open your mail for a day, do it.
block out the bad stuff and have a fantasy day for at least a couple of hours.
(the third dimension stuff will be there when you come back from your short sojourn.)

moi? i am such the scorpio fascinated with the world which is not visible to the untrained and naked eye. these shots are low pixel, but i kinda like the grainy quality with my bruise.
i have on my marc jacob black suede pom pom plaform booties, thomas wylde first season black leather hobo lined with tete de morts (there goes that scorpio fascination with the macabre...) and black basics.
macabre? True Blood is on tomorrow. can you stand the wait?

i think i will work on getting 6 thoughts together to post since i have been tagged to do this six times or so... procrastination...hmmmm.

after i finish drinking chauss magic green juice, i am going to starbucks for some serious stuff. i am such the adrenaline junkie... (and i do love the red cups. s, have your red cups arrived yet?

see you on the astral plane.


Amy Williams said...

Love this look!
Sadly i'm yet to experience the red cups from starbucks where I am! Hopefully tomorrow though!

Unknown said...

The red cups are here!

Fashion Is Poison said...


no g hasn't been able to locate theeeem. they had a really good sale c.....

InnyVinny said...

Indeed the red cups are. =)

Lovely look, chauss. Have a great weekend.

Chantelle said...

Omg I wish i had a close up of that second shot!
Your outfit looks stunning!