Tuesday, November 11, 2008

ckparis, balenciaga, bruises, scorpio eyes chicago part deux

hey readers, how are you?
now for a different side of chauss.
some more pix of moi in chicago.
raw.(as in bruises.)
did you know i had it in me?

i had an "objects may shift in the overhead bins after take off" incident...
do you like my black eye?

and in typical chauss style, i turned it around, and let my bruises inspire me to be creative with cold weather style.
do you like my black hat? i also have on my winter balenciaga black leather moto jacket, sprouse scarf, and favorite marc jacob booties.
and of course, a starbucks cup with a double shot of espresso avec a dollop of soy foam sans sugar, sans fake sugar.
pix are low pixel bc d. took them with a cell phone.

ok readers, back to chic chauss tomorrow. make it a FANTASTIC day.
i will. :)

see you on the astral plane.


Izzy said...

oh the bruises! hope they heal soon!! love our olive (?) balenciaga btw.

chauss said...

izzy, thanks. it is bal WE origan 06, the best leather origan bag of the bunch.

InnyVinny said...

Gee, chauss! I hope you're ok. You look fab per usual even with them. =)

Been having a great week so far. Thank you. Hope all is well with the rest of your trip.

Unknown said...

oh no, hope you heel soon love.
that last picture, love it!

Vertiginoso said...

I really like the "One Bare shoulder effect", a nonchalant movement full of "Chauss-issime" Gracefulness . . .

à Bientôt, Antoine

S (formerly of Modern-Guilt) said...

Chauss, you are gorgeous as ever, but why the bruise - I hope it's not hurting you! ahh.
It's a beautiful outfit you have on, as always. I think the cold weather in Chicago suits you somehow...come to Toronto so we can Starbucks it together, we have the same weather here... :) We do not have the red Starbucks cups yet though...still looking at my white one next to me right now.
Anyways. Lots of white and gold HEALING light towards you right now

Fashion Is Poison said...

c, i love the last picture. it captures the cold weather and your awesome outfit. the bal is a very nice touch! hope you get better soon :]

What is Reality Anyway? said...

Happy belated b day love <3

Anonymous said...

girl you still look fierce

elysia mann said...

:( i'm so sorry you're bruised! i hope you feel ok and heal soon!

What is Reality Anyway? said...

that is amazing. and truth. i love the quest for more, and them more after that. have you ever read any of the Ramtha books? i'm all about consciousness creating reality, and manifestation etc. do you have any book suggestions for me? i always want more--of everything. i dont really know a lot about magnetics and crystals...i am learning a bit more about occult arts too. whatever info you have, lets chat...you obviously are doing something very right, your life seems magnificent. xx

chauss said...

instant, left you a comment on your blog.

nita, thanks.

antoine, thanks. :)

s, no red cups? chicago and the US
'nana rebublic both have red cups now!

fashion, its origan'06, the best one of the bunch handpicked by me.............

krystal, merci beaucoup.

mike, awwww, you rock!

fashion fille, thank you. :)

krstal, that is for worthy of an entire post!

♥ Marta ♥ said...

OUtch .... I hope you're heal soon. You look wonderful and the entire look is super hot...