Tuesday, July 20, 2010

ckparis and american apparel

hey all, how is your week going?
tell me...

it is 90000 degreees out and 90000 percent humidity.
and it's july.
so, here's what i wear when i run/walk high rise stairs.
you all know my alien routine.
i like to combine exercise with meditation and
i run/walk a 46 story high rise building 3x.
138 stories later, i have definite 'tude adjustment and
a resting heart rate that would make a cardiologist happy.

basic shorts and an opaque american apparel bra.

see you on the astral plane.


FashionJazz said...

Just popping in to say hi : ) Hope you have a lovely week xxx

Roxy said...

You've got a body TDF! *jealous yet inspired!*

ihaveadog said...

Gorgeous bod - hope you're doing well!!!!!

Anonymous said...

^^^What shockboogie said!

Unknown said...

That is nice!!!


Style Odyssey said...

awesome bod, chauss. and that's quite an awesome fitness routine, very simple and effective.