Friday, July 2, 2010

ckparis and impromptu iphone 4 video clip

hey all, how are you?

here is a very impromptu video taken with the new iphone 4 hd video camera.

can anyone identify the exact location?
hint: coral gables.

and you get to see some unscripted ckparis 'tude
avec balmain khaki boots, givenchy 'gale and shelly litvak necklace.

xo chauss

see you on the astral plane.


Style Odyssey said...

love it!! there's the 'tude exactly as i'd imagine. :)

coral gables, well that's not really a hint, more like the answer, right?

i admire you for wearing boots in this heat. the trick is to not stay outdoors for long. when i was in the caribbean, and wore boots in the winter, out at night- i got some really strange comments. whatever.

fab video. looking very cool, chauss.

chauss said...

actually, it is a very specific
place in coral gables and i go there alot...
get down here with h before you move to s.c.

Pret a Porter P said...

werk it chauss! cool necklace.
no idea where in CG, I've never been down there.

ihaveadog said...

I love it!! Seeing you 'live' is to die for and you look even more smashing!!! You have a bod on you. Thanks for the action-packed video xoxoxoxo


Really cute outfit, lovely video.:)SarahD

Anonymous said...

You're all kinds of awesome! And what a body! I am jealous (in a good way)!!!
p.s. saw the latest 2 episodes of true blood last nigh. I can't wait for Sunday night!

Style Odyssey said...


i'd really like to venture down that way before i head north, bring -h with me. will try, will try...

i've only been to coral gables 2x i think, so not very familiar w/ area. those CG neighborhoods have the prettiest greenery.



awesome :)
liking those hot moves.

Anonymous said...

you've got a great blog, keep it up!
i'll be back for sure to see more inspiration from you
loving it all, thanks for sharing
and thanks for your sweet comments, it means the world


MEMEME said...

you're FAB!! it!!

enterrement vie de garçon Paris said...

Très bonne qualité cette vidéo !!