Saturday, July 10, 2010

ckparis and vintage chanel in miami design district

hey all, what's going on?
tell me...

moi? hanging out in the miami design district.
louboutin, margiela, marni, en avance, browns, Y-3, and michael's genuine all on the same block.
what more can a girl want?

i have on my favorite vintage chanel black leather sac a dos, burberry prorsum black leather boots avec basic denim mini skirt and vince smooshy white t shirt.

see you on the astral plane.


Philippe Öhlund said...

Funny hat, Chauss! :-)

Have you shrunk?

You look smaller than before on the pictures.

Maybe you should figure in a tree with an Iguana?

The Swedish BP boss called people in the South "small people".

Maybe I got brainwashed?

Have a wonderful weekend! :-)

chauss said...

i think the heat has gotten to you. and i have on 6 inch heels too.
i think living in lyon will be good for you.
time to buy anonymous rex.

Philippe Öhlund said...

Chauss, you're so right! :-)

It's very hot here.

I have to sit naked in front of my computer in order to not melt away.

I'm also constantly thirsty.

I'm already at my second bottle of Jack Daniel's...

Where will it end?

Thanks, I also think Lyon will be a great place for me to live in.

I have already two different women who want to spend 14th of July with me, which puts me in an awkward position, because I didn't have the heart to turn down any of them.

And now a third has invited me for dinner...

It might be time for anonymous rex.

Oh, I'm thirsty...

chauss said...

philippe, know alcohol is a direutic so if you are going to indulge, you need to drink beaucoup de l'eau!!!!
and you as for women problem, i am sure you will sort it out.
now i know why you disappear occasionally...
get the book and a new woman.
why not?

Philippe Öhlund said...

Chauss, thanks for learning me a new word: diuretic.

Don't worry, I don't drink that much.

I meant it was my second bottle since I arrived in France on Juin 25.

Jack Daniel's is the best you can drink when you arrive at a new place, because then you can eat whatever you want and you will never be sick.

When I went to Egypt in 1997 I brought a bottle of Jack Daniel's with me.

First thing in the morning I started with a glass of that wonderful whiskey, and I felt great all the time - even inside the Pyramids.

The warm nights here are amazing.

Thankfully I have my studio in the shadow.

You seem to know me quite well, I must say.

I will sort out any problem. :-)

Trust me.

But I'm still glad hearing you saying it. :-)

A new book and a new woman would be a great challenge! :-)

Have a fabulous day! :-)

chauss said...

yes, i have been reading your regular comments since i started my blog so i get it.
one question, in terms of work,how are you able to change living locations so frequently?
are you self employed and dont have to worry about reciprocal licensing etc?

Philippe Öhlund said...

Chauss, good question.

I must admit it's a bit tricky and sometimes quite stressful, but also very challenging.

When I was younger I had my law firm in Stockholm, and I thought I would never move from there.

I was born in Sweden, but I have spent 14 years abroad.

I have faith in God.

I asked Him in a dream in Brussels 20 years ago who He was and He told me to go to Athens, Greece, and there I met Elijah the Tishbite, who told me it is Jesus.

That made a profound impression on me.

My parents were artists and on my mother's side every generation was born in a different country, so I'm not afraid of the unknown.

I haven't found a race track here yet, but I have applied for many jobs, and hopefulle I will get a positive response soon.

Maybe I will sell insurances here too?

But it's true this season is a bit slow.

My daughter will come to here in a week and I look forward to having her close to me, even if it only will be for a short while.

Some periods in my life I was very well off, dining with business leaders and Kings.

Other times I spent in miserable places in the world, almost starving and asking God why I had been born.

You must feel this, He answered.

Well, my best friends are dead, but I'm still standing, and I'm always very curious to know what will happen the next day.

Take care. :-)

Couture Carrie said...

You look so gorgeous, darling Chauss!
Enjoy Miami!


ediot said...

hi darling. you look great.
those heels are killer ones. wish i would wear heels like that .but its not gonna happen..

hope you had a wonderful weekend darling


Sabina said...

I really enjoy your blog, how sweet :))
I think you will like mine too, I'd be glad if you checked it out :))

Can't wait to hear from you hon!

KALIN said...

That backpack is so cute!!!!

XO- Neuter Kalin

Sabina said...

Thank you for your sweet comment hon! :)) Meanwhile feel more than free to follow my blog if you like, so that you can stay updated :))

Much love

Luxury High Heels said...

lovely heels

Blicious said...

cute skirt!!