Tuesday, June 24, 2008

ckparis and gianni barbato boots

hey there readers, i wanted this post to be about my gianni barbato distressed brown leather boots. however, the pix here don't really show them very well. i got them in paris and have not worn them in a long time. they are still fabulous. don't you love finding stuff you have forgotten about in your very own closet? it makes me giddy. ok guys, i owe you better barbato boot pix.

see you on the astral plane.


Anonymous said...

My darling Chauss,

Just had to say, in responce to your PM about people just not getting 'it' sometimes. Well, let me just say, it is my biggest struggle in the 3-D. I constantly feel like I am just on a completely different plane than others. Maybe that is why I find so much comfort in reading your blog...
keep kickin'


Laurel said...

You said it, baby! Keep on keepin' on! You look beautiful as always, love!


Fashion Is Poison said...

i love full body shots! :) show us a close up plzzzz

Fashion Is Poison said...

btw i fixed the broken link on my post!

Anonymous said...

the astral plane indeed.. i still remember vividly the sight of my own face in a transendental meditation.

lately i have been waking up feeling like i was flying curled in a ball, somewhat startling.

wait, i used to love to fly.

next time i will submit, enjoy,

thank you the timely reminders my friend


Unknown said...

yeah, that have had happened to me few times too. its like finding new stuff

Marina said...

Oooh!You so right!Yestarday i found golden sandals Le Silla which I bought in Rome last year. It is soooo cool!
barbato boots are always very comfy and i love it with bare legs.

chauss said...

mj, missed you! please keep on commenting, your insight is important to me.

laurel, thanks. ;)

fashion, i will post boot pix as soon as i take some...

hap, follow me around for one day and you would be in absolute stitches!

nk and marine, it is nice to have friends with closet habits like me, so does matt. hey matt? are you still shopping? :)

camille said...

looking esp. fabulous in these shots, love the attitude in the first pic! i await some close-ups of those boots. :)