Saturday, June 28, 2008

ckparis and the seventh chakra

ok readers, this is a pix of sean's interpretation of traditional baked alaska. it is a chocolate pound cake layered with mango sorbet and vanilla ice cream and then topped with home made meringue and lit on fire after drenching it in brandy.

d. captured the cake's aura in this pix. the color represents violet, the seventh chakra , the psychic energy chakra and the crown chakra.

being a reiki master, (really) i programmed the pix to contain positive and protective energy to those who make a wish with good intentions while looking at it.

and now the fun part, send this thread in my blog to 5 more people after you have made your wish so they can look at it, and make a good intentions wish too!

and for each additional 5 people you send this thread to, you will increase your chances of having your wish fulfilled.

remember when you send positive energy, you will get it back five fold.
(just click on the envelope at the end of the thread to send an email link of post)

be patient, the spiritual universe does not operate on the same time clock as we do...

just make a wish and send the thread on with positive intentions. then relax and enjoy the magic...

oh, and be sure to report back with comments of how it is going for cynics allowed please. negative energy has a nasty way of returning right back to the person who sends it.

see you on the astral plane.


Liz Lizo said...

That is amazing Chauss, I already had a wish and atleast 5 people to send it to, really excited I'm all about positive energy.

michelle said...

You're sweet! I wish you nothing but positive energy ^_^

KATLIN said...

Cool! My mom also does reiki! She would do it in the car when I would get car sick.