Wednesday, June 25, 2008

ckparis and ysl tribute shoe envy

hey readers. how are you all doing this evening?

let me set up the first pix for you. i was walking down the street today and d. saw the girl who was walking the completely opposite direction turn around as she passed me to do a 360 to check out my ysl tribute shoes. d. thought his cell phone camera might have been a little slow, but i think it captured the end of the moment.

ahh, attitude adjustment and i'm still in the third dimension.

oh yeah, and i have my gucci python hysteria bag on my arm. sweet dreams to all my regular cyber buddies and regular blog lurkers.

see you on the astral plane.


Anonymous said...

The bag is really great. I know its tech. black, but is it just me or does it have purple undertones?

My life has been WAY too third dimensional lately. I need to zone out, french cure on its way...

chauss said...

mj, you know, in chauss language, it is the color of black licorice that comes in the long strands, a hint of eggpant which is not really visible to a normal (lol) person in the third dimension. it does photograph more purple than irl.
the texture and color combination is utterly cool. too cool for the average masses bc the new BG catalog has the fall 08 gucci python hysteria tote version in all black tiny python scales, not the fun, rocker chic white tones underneath like mine.
i read one woman's complaints about how the bag was peeling (lol) and it has white parts so she was going to send it back...i think she represents the typical gucci customer.
when am i ever typical?
so, what field is the the third dimension drama? or should i just stop asking?
btw, friday tequila frozen margs at 7pm!!!

Fashion Is Poison said...

hahaha i love that pic!!!!!!!

S. said...

That bag is so you chauss, it really makes no excuses...Gucci would be one of the last places I would look for a bag [or anything] but you did really good.

I should go to the store and check it out.. still searching for a bag.. I think I should perhaps wait until fall now and see.. I would really like a first w/pewter hardware that is near to my dream bag. So let me know if you ever want to sell yours. ;)

chauss said...

fashion, thanks.

search, yeah, this bag is so not typical gucci in this material. so cool. fall 08 gucci python is now all one color black and even the purple python looks crappy bc they put a coating over it so it wont peel. the peeling is waaaaaay cool when you see the underside of the scales... so if you like mine, check it out now. this bag is as light as bals.
my first black pewter, i gotta say it is the BEST leather of my entire bal collection. better than my flat brass firsts....

Chantelle said...

that's the best reason for splurging on a luxury item
I would have been walking on sunshine the entire day!

Rock those shoes babe.

Liz Lizo said...

I would tatally have done a 360 too. You look awesome!


the heels are spectacular (you should shoe model!) <3

Anonymous said...

These shoes are hot