Wednesday, June 4, 2008

ckparis on being tagged

ok, search for chic , my answered tag for you:
6 quirks about me:

1. i always start every day with 32 oz of distilled water, secret green powder and the juice of 2 freshly squeezed limes.( even before coffee!)

2. i secretly freak out when i travel and have to have my green powder without the addition of freshly squeezed limes.

3. i talk out loud to my guides when i am alone and also in the presence of others, sometimes to the third dimension others' shock, suprise or dismay.

4. i have an uncanny ability to make some people feel comfortable around me very quickly and tell me their deepest secrets.

5. i intimidate some people before i even say hello.

6. i dont accept no for an answer right off the bat. i am very adept at getting others to see my point of view...(the subject of a future thread)

so, i tag jj and i tag fashion is poison


Terren said...

haha. i love #4 on your list.

Anonymous said...

I am curious to hear more about number 6...

Fashion Is Poison said...

i need to drink more water. been having that thought for a while now but i'm getting better at it.

Unknown said...

okay, you sound so interesting person that i really wanna get to know you!

S. said...


oh.. interesting. Thanks for answering, what is the deal with the weater? For nice complexion or?


chauss said...

terren, alexis, fashion, nk and search, thank you for the fast comments.

and the rest of my regular lurkers, please comment, i really spent some time doing this, only bc it was from search for chic!

search, when you walk/run 150 flights of stairs, you kinda get dehydrated. most people are and don't even know it. drinking enough water on a daily basis is a great healthy habit in general.

chances said...

Interesting answers. I love getting insight on the people whose blogs I read. ALL that water is great for the body and skin.

Anastacia said...

What is the green powder, i take an aloe shot (no citric acid) every morning? I never take no either, no to me is just the starting point.

Chantelle said...

we have 4&5 in common

Loved reading your tag. It's nice to see that people on the other side of the world and human, just like you.

Your faithful reader [as of may 29 when I discovered your relaxed yet fashionable blog]

Liz Lizo said...

Good for you, water just sort of purifies your insides, I feel like. No wonder you are in such great shape, water helps with staying fit.
I completely agree with # 4, the ability to have people open up to you.
secret green powder?? hmm do you make it? buy it? interesting.
Thanks for sharing the your quirks.

chauss said...

chances, thanks.

xax and vougued out, hey, it secret green powder. ssssssshh!
you can try several varities at any health food store. look for greens and powder on the label. a variey of green vegetables to alkalize your system.

belle.chantelle, welcome to my blog! please come back and comment anytime.

Unknown said...

Interesting list=) I am curious about the green powder now:P I have the same magic morning drink but instead of green powder, i use honey=) and the lime is a must=)

S. said...

'only bc it was from search for chic!'

Oh, I feel so honoured! =)


Yes, I should drink more water.. I have switched from coffe to tea..or trying too... I love tea.. I have lived in England for too long now.

Vancouverista said...

awesome! this is one of my most favourite blogs now