Thursday, April 23, 2009

ckparis and the chauss fast pace nyc shopping guide

got 24 hours to spend in nyc? put on comfortable boots or shoes and don't dawdle, we have got a lot of ground to cover.

moi? paparazzi shot of me mesmorized by the giant red stiletto sculpture in front of bergdorf goodman.

ready? set. go...

the chauss fast pace nyc shopping guide:
ok, first stop up is:
TOPSHOP: broadway and broome. overrated imo. sorry guys. i was dissapointed. clothing is ok and prices are ehhh for what you get.
jewelry was too expensive for mass produced items. $89 was the price of several necklaces i picked up.
i just felt like i was in UK paying dollars. like take the pound price,and double it.
no thanks.
a fellow shopper told me her friend was in the UK this week and told her the kate moss dress listed for $120 plus tax in the nyc store was only $90 US in the UK store after the pound to dollar conversion.
go to UK to shop topshop.
(i am a f21 chick for basic basics. you can't beat a $7.80 t shirt that people repeatedly ask me if it is The Row.)

next up,
PHI: check out this uber chic store on greene street. the place has amazing energy, a fabulous layout and a user friendly staff. margaret and mimi are great. i have only spoken to randy on the phone, but he was extremely helpful the few times we spoke. and the boots.
pix soon...

OPENING CEREMONY: make sure you check out all 3 levels. top floor is opening ceremony's own label, streel level is assorted stuff including alexander wang and bottom level is more designers and the shoe collection.

MADEWELL: on broadway. jeans. ok. yeah.

RICK OWENS: on hudson. ask the SA to turn on the fog machine for you and the clothes, well, this is a MUST stop. surveillance vlog coming soon...

L'ATELIER NYC: right near rick owens, great selection of leather messenger bags from assorted eclectic designers and cutting edge clothes.

JEFFREY'S: w.14th st. fabulous assortment of shoes, shoes, shoes and boots.
yeah, clothes too. high end designers like prada and lanvin, etc.
but the shoe department is the next best thing in nyc to BG's shoes department.

BERGDORF's: a trip to nyc would not be complete without a trip to the 4th floor shoe department if only for a look see... mind boggling collection of everything!
and before you exit the store, take the escalator to the bottom level.
the cosmetics FLOOR! yeah. an entire floor.
skip any brand you have ever heard of and check out the eclectic small brands. i picked up a great lipstick in a fabulous simple, small black case by edward bess. color is called "secret desire". works for me.
(i love dior high shine lipsticks, but can't stand the bling bling plastic huge case.
i stopped buying it because of the crappy oversized container. dior, are you listening?
i really mean this.)

BARNEY's: you gotta go if just to check out the people shopping. 4th floor is home of alaia and spy v. spy. great selection of givenchy bags.

major shout out to mona13 of tfs.
she was my own personal map quest.
i emailed mona13 all day on my blackberry for walking directions. she provided perfect directions from point a to point b to point c all day long. really.
and mona13 is responsible for my trek to off the beaten track, rick owens store.
thank you.


Cruz said...

Wow sounds like you covered a lot of ground! THANK GOODNESS I'm not the only one who thinks Topshop is overrated. F21 >>> Topshop. And 00o0o0 cannot wait for this Rick Owens footage! Lol nice outfit with the big stiletto

X said...

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May Kasahara said...

I'm so glad you got to hit rick owens and atelier. I love those three blocks.

... said...

i agree about topshop!

-Coco Chanel french movie
and Salvador Dali movie

Mark said...

thank you, I enjoyed the tour!

- une mandarine

Thevisionarybutterfly said...

fabulous shopping guide.

I like your boots. Used to live in NYC, never been in Bergdorf, expensive stores scare me.

In SOHO once I walked into a handbag store, I think Gucci not sure, anyway the bags were in lit glass shelf encasements that went to the ceiling, displayed like works of art. I was afraid to ask the prices!

Liz Lizo said...

omg talk about fast paced, good for you...Must be nice. I want to be that energetic.

Mariana said...

your post makes me so excited to live in nyc.

Mona said...

You are so sweet! Glad to help :) Getting from Point A to Point B is kind of my speciality....

Sounds like you had a great time in NYC - you covered so much ground!

Any update on the ROs?

Anonymous said...


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