Tuesday, April 7, 2009

ckparis and vintage levis

hello all, how's the week going for you?

ok, interesting phenomenon to share with you... my stats show my blog hits are up, but you guys have been really quiet this week...
what's up?
check in and leave me a comment.
let me know what kind of stuff you want to see here.
i like hearing from you all. really.

moi? on the floor in my favorite marc jacobs booties, vintage naturally distressed 501 levis which i cut off into long shorts, a smooshy american apparel long sleeve t shirt avec a signature chauss 100,000 watt smile.

see you on the astral plane.


phamzy said...

love the boots! the cropped shorts is amazing!


InnyVinny said...

so very comfy and cute! =)

So where is the diy guide? You proooooomised!! LOL

chauss said...

pamzy, thanks. :)

alicia, i will post diy cm soon. :))))))

vix said...

What sunglasses do you wear? And do you have any favourites?

Cruz said...

My week has been great! As for you blog, just keep up what you're doing, it's great. :) And nice shorts. Vintage levis are the best levis! Btw, where can you check your hits? LOL I have no idea. O_o

chauss said...

cruz, i use google anayltics. there are a bunch you canu use. google workfs for me and then you can see who stopped by and from what source. very obsessive. :)

vix, the ones in today's pix are christian dior cannage collection. i really like my slightly mirrored dolce gabanna aviators too. i have a great collection, but like my bags, don't rotate much... it is always fun to go in my closet and find stuff. 1 or 2 neglected pairs of gucci come to mind...
when you switch dimensions, it is easier to wear shades... lol.
i really like being in my own world.
( i hit the 5th this weekend)

Anonymous said...

It´s always like that for me, when the stats go crazy the readers are soo quiet. I think it´s a "i´m too shy-month"...

Style Scientist said...

Perhaps your hit was up because I just discovered your blog last week....LOL...

You have great collection of amazing shoes and handbags!

cyd said...

looking good :)

can you please do a beauty post sometime soon? i'd love to know your skincare routine, you are ALWAYS glowing

chauss said...

annnav, hmmmm...:)

style s, thanks.

cyd, thanks. :) i think the glow comes from inner energy projecting to my aura...

vix said...

I just googled the mirrored Dolce and Gabbana sunglasses and I love them!

Cas Ruffin said...

We want more pictures of you on the floor. Lol j/k.

We're here.

Pret a Porter P said...

this blogger reader things makes me life so much easier, so im always able to read your posts. :)
love the nail color on you by the way. i hope you're enjoying the cooler weather we've been having!

Jillian Hobbs said...

loving the boots!
i wish it were warm enough were i am to wear shorts ugh... so jealous!

hope ur well xoxo

Tamia said...

Checking in as requested! Love the cutoffs, by the way.

May Kasahara said...

I love seeing you smile ♥

chauss said...

cas ruffin,
tamia and
mayk, thanks for checking in. :)
and h,
i am LOVING this cool weather, i broke out thomas wylde leather jacket. :)

ihaveadog said...

C: You are GORGEOUS!! Love the booties too :) I will call you shortly! the storm is nearly over.

Vertiginoso said...

Mmmmmh Actually I think that your stratospheric legs are MADE FOR "short denim shorts with exposed pocket effect" . . . BUT I am not sure not to faint if I see You like that (preventive "Beads of sweat") !!!

à Bientôt, Antoine

Philippe Öhlund said...

Chauss, sorry for not having answered any sooner to your comment to your last post.

I am busy moving.

You ask why I move to Sweden.

I came to Belgium 9 years ago, because I met my wife in Brussels on New Years Eve 2000.

I visited my parents, who lived in Brussels since 1987, my mother was Belgian, and moved to here in April 2000.

Well, I have divorced (2nd time), and my daughter now moves to France with my ex.

I like Belgium, but I still prefer Sweden. I move to Sodertalje close to Stockholm.

I make more money in Sweden than in Belgium, since Sweden is more developed than Belgium.

Since I am Swedish I also have my career and of course my friends in Sweden.

Belgian bureaucracy is almost ancient Russian style, and I have big difficulties coping with the incompetence and inefficiency of Belgium.

Belgium is not a business minded country, but the people here is very slow and rural.

Belgium is also overcrowded and insufficient when it comes to energy.

Communications doesn't work in Belgium. The roads are narrow and in bad conditions.

Because of lack of energy the roads are very dark.

Belgium and Sweden have about the same populations, but traffic deaths are 10 times higher in Belgium.

I spent my summers in Belgium during the 70's, so I know the country quite well.

Since my ex-wife had 2 sons from a former marriage she didn't want to move to Sweden.

I love Belgian beer and chocolate, but I can say I'm happy to leave from here.

Belgium is poor, undeveloped, and bureaucratic.

Sweden is a country with a homogenious population, which speaks the same language.

Belgium is a patchwork of local governments; French, Dutch, and German, but the jobs are in Brussels, where the unemployment still is very high - 25 %.

You cannot trust companies or people here.

They are very friendly and more courteous than in Sweden, but they never keep their word, pay on time etc.

Swedish people work hard, keep their promises, and pay on time. Unemployment is also low in Sweden.

Here in Wallonia 58% of women are without work, and 40 % of young people, because they do not want to work, because they have voted for the socialists for generations, and because all shops are closed on afternoons and weekends.

The Belgian people has not the slightest sense of organizing things or of taking resposibility of their country.

The Belgians really are pesants without culture. I thought Swedish people up in the north were savages - but not at all in comparison!

The succession after the death of my parents was a nightmare. In Sweden you dont pay taxes on fortune or heritage for example.

But here in Belgium it cost me a fortune, and took them 3 years to finish the succession job.

When I got divorced in Sweden 1993, the procedure took a month, and there you only pay for marriages, not for divorces.

Here the divorce also cost me a fortune, and took the Belgian bureaucracy since last summer to conclude, although we agreed.

If I should mention hassle concerning transportations, corporations, mail, strikes, energy, etc etc I would never finish.

Well, I love Belgian chocolate and Belgian beer, and I have of course met a lot of nice persons here, but generally speaking, after 9 years in Belgium I cannot come up with anything, which is better in Belgium than in Sweden.

Since I came here in 2000 I have had around 55 Swedish colleagues at work.

All of them have returned to Sweden, except for one who stays in Belgium.

A few have gone to other countries; England, Spain, and Japan.

I will not come back to Belgium.

judy aldridge said...

I love those long sleeve AA tee's. Jane and I have a bunch of them--love AA, but cannot stand going in their stores. Those boots always look great!

tanya said...

looking amazing, chic but casual..love :-)

Cari said...

Great boots!!! http://isnotfashion.blogspot.com

Jeff said...

Just gorgeous!



Anonymous said...

Great outfit it looks coomfy...

glamourgirl said...

I love those marc jacob booties on you!!!