Thursday, April 9, 2009

ckparis, blank jeans, thomas wylde and full moon

hello all. thanks so much for letting me know you are all still out there in blogger reading world.
i love hearing from you. really.

full moon.
just another excuse for 'nana republic land to go ca-raaazy.

weirdest thing?
a guy flossing his teeth while driving his car. true. i tried to snap a pix with my blackberry, but i messed it up.
(this tops the usual bevy of women in the am putting on mascara, eye liner etc. while operating a motor vehicle.)
ahhhh, just another day in paradise...

moi? hanging out in bleached blank jeans, black dior boots and my first season thomas wylde jacket. can you make out the silver studs?
it is also lined with black and white skulls in paula's original pattern.
i got this jacket in paris while they were unpacking the boxes. l'eclaireur.
beaucoup bucks.
irony? it's made in LA.
i did get my vat back... lol.
thomas wylde first season leather is fabulous. :)

h, i am loving this weather. come meet me for coffee at pasion cafe in the gables.
people don't even think it was strange that i had on a leather jacket and boots today. (those two items are year round staples for me even though i spend a lot of time in the tropics.)

so, what are your full moon symptoms?
i am buzzing.
kinda like a low frequency vibration.

make it a FABULOUS friday.

see you on the astral plane.


Fashion Is Poison said...


What is Reality Anyway? said...

ahh, no wonder, full moon. i feel so scatter-brained, can't concentrate one bit...a bit hoe-hum :)

that explains a lot

thanks again C xx

Pret a Porter P said...

can u believe ive never been to the gables before? i got lost and ended up on brickell once... miami just gets to confusing for me the further south i go.
the guy flossing!! that's hilarious and pretty scary!

Thevisionarybutterfly said...

I was driving earlier and admiring the full moon.

Anonymous said...

The full moon brought me so many weird dreams... Your boots are so fabulous, what a great outfit!

Roisin Ward said...

Oh gosh, I am totally guilty of the mascara while driving thing!! Yikes.

Love your boots and jacket. So hot.


Clem said...

Full moon makes me feeling sad.. maybe 'ts not due to full moon but to the BF'... What do I need to do when he loves me less ? :(

chauss said...

fashion, back atcha you!

krystal, hang in there!

h, no way! it a whole different world down here...

ms. butta, yeah, this moon had some charisma . :)

fab, thanks.:)

philippe, sounds like your life is in 360 degree change...

roison, thanks.

clem, not the full moon. email me plse. xx chauss

Jeff said...

I can't see the full moon :-(



chauss said...

jeff, look again, the big round white circle in the blue sky in the top pix... ot do you mean in the real sky tonight?

Ashleigh said...

I know what you mean...I see it all the time...the whole makeup while texting while driving while multitasking 10,000 things at once :s...scary to be sharing the road with them ...

Chantelle said...

looking amazing as usual
that jacket is just KILLER!

Cruz said...

You know whats so weird? I saw a guy flossing his teeth in his car the other day! But cool outfit though, funny about the jacket haha. :)

May Kasahara said...

god you are hot.
white denim looks amazing on you