Sunday, April 5, 2009

ckparis, hot pink and the astral plane

hey all. how was your weekend? tell me...

i think i forgot how brutal 'nana rerublic humidity can be. we have had an unusual run of lower humidity weather for the past month. (easy to get used to)
anyway, i almost passed out today in the car. really. (no, i wasn't driving)
my ease at transferring dimensions has now taken a true physical component.
not feeling well? no problem, just
physically leave the third thru a syncopal episode.
i am such the drama queen...

278 flights of stairs, double espresso and can of red bull...
a recipe for a pass out cocktail?
i am such the adrenaline junkie, but i think my 32 oz. precoffee chauss magic green juice has to be supplemented by extra h20 on extreme stair days.

moi? pix of me avec a PINK smooshy f21 $12.80 long sleeve t.
like i said, i was feeling crappy this am, so i broke out this hot pink t to try to look perky.
the color of this t is the same as the sprouse hot pink rose scarf i have been playing with for weeks at the lv store.
i am not usually a pink chick, but i love the fact i can get the same pink high from a $12 t as i get from a $900 scarf.
my hair in the pix is post 278 flights and sans a brush.
gotta love sundays....

in the top pix, i have on my vintage resin cameo on a ribbon cord i got in a vintage store in the french quarter on new orleans pre-hurricane katrina.
i have some great vintage jewelry finds from NOLA shopping.
my friends would go off to the jazz fest grounds to get inebriated , listen to fabulous music and get baked in the sun.
with my propensity for heat stroke and passing out, i would opt out to wonder the streets of the french quarter by myself and drink cafe du monde and disover the best place for muffalettas was the central grocery.

anyway, this post is rambling a bit because i am still somewhere between the third and fourth.

ok, i gotta post my chauss DIY color mediation for krystal soon. you will all like it! :)
and a shout out to ihaveadog who has had a difficult three weeks.
the universe will provide...

see you on the astral plane.


Anonymous said...

I love the colour on you, it's fresh. It's so cold where I am I would love to be warm right now!

InnyVinny said...

And you look that fab after all of those stairs...loves it.

And feel better ihaveadog; the week will be better for you. =)

cyd said...

chauss, you look so great in pink!!!!! scary about passing out- stay hydrated. xoxo

Marina said...

I love you in pink!great colour!Especially with your skintone.
P.S.Coffee is smth special. I'm drinking it now. I made it by myself from super tasty Rwanda coffee beans. Amazing!Pure energy!

chauss said...

h, we are getting one last cold front. yay!

margarita, come on down...

alicia, you are the best. :)

cyd, i'm drinking lots of water now...

marina, ooooh rwanda...

philippe, why are you moving?

What is Reality Anyway? said...

i cant wait! i need it--
you look gorge, never disappoints x