Friday, April 17, 2009

ckparis wants to know, il fait froid?

hey guys, how are you?
pix is from a nyc channel this am taken on a blackberry in the 'nana republic of the southern most portion of the U.S. (gotta love direct tv with local NYC channels when you don't live there)
it's hot and it cold...ok, too kate perry...
what do i pack?
cold stuff?
warm stuff?
nyc people, email me your favorite vintage store. no time for brooklyn, so just manhattan.

make it a FABULOUS weekend.
and do NOT let any negative people bring YOU down.
white light and chocolate go a long way...

see you on the astral plane or...


Margarita @ said...

Layers. And layers. I've been wear cute tanks with leather jackets, scarves... but I'm in Toronto... we have slightly similar weather I think it's always a couple of degrees warmer in NYC. Good luck with shopping!

May Kasahara said...

today and Saturday are going to be GORGEOUSSSS near 70. But as of Sunday rainy and chilly - so bring some layers.

here's my list
Tokio 7 - 7th street
Cadillac's Closet - 9th street
Fox & Fawn - Suffolk St.

but in these times it is well worth wandering around and popping into all the ones you come across on the lower east side and east village. lots on markdowns to be found on consignment.

grace said...

chauuusssss another great post! you always make me smile.

enjoy the shopping!

Clem said...

lmost the end of the spring break... So one of the last comment...

Bad weather in France... Sunny by moment rainy by others and a bit cold ... :(


Vera said...

Have a great time babe! Can't wait for lots of pics when you get back!

InnyVinny said...

Have fun! I hope you find somewhere to shop soon enough.

Cruz said...

I say pack a touch of both, have fun! I've always wanted to go to NY.

Jessie said...

Thanks for your comment =)
Wow you're so lucky! I'd kill to go NY. How long are you going for? Good luck with the shopping!
Love your MJ booties from the prev post! <3 I am soo in love!

xx Jessie

Elizabeth Victoria Clark said...

make sure you bring lots of clothes that you can layer, that way you're prepared for any temp! make sure you hit topshop! xo

Vintage Pattern Vault said...

layer up girl. We are just getting teased with "spring" weather so it's best to layer up.

can't help you with vintage, I don't do it, maybe resurrection?

Anonymous said...

Hey CK! It's Margaret from PHI! It was a pleasure meeting you!Thanks for all your fashion tips! and the biker boots looks fab on you! You belong in NYC! Muah! Don't forget to keep in touch! Embrace you and your loved ones with the white light :)

Mimi said...

CKParis...It was such an honor to meet you! Gorgeous and stylish! I love your philosophy on style; spend the money on accessories and save on the t-shirts! Also love the positivity!!! xo Mimi from PHI

L in progress said...

cant comment on your last post but that alaia V alaia pic with you in it is BRILLIANT!
love it
pls print and frame it at home in GIANT!!!