Thursday, July 24, 2008

ckparis and alexander wang et al

hey readers. how are you all? well, i have broken 3 strands of beads this week. and you know what? i think the energy needed to be released. time for restringing. i think it's kinda interesting that i did this with 3 different pieces this week. so, i predit a major energy shift.

energy shifts come in different forms. the key is to always raise your resonance. and you know what? i met a really cool jewelry designer. we are gonna make some outrageous bracelets.

matt, you are going to want this one particular sterling silver skull bracelet. i was gonna post a pix today, but i am camera challenged right now. stay tuned.

me today? alexander wang distressed black leather vest, wolford, marc jacob booties, et al.

see you on the astral plane.


stilettolover91 said...

u look gorgeous =) luv the shoes!
but i was wondering if u dont mind adding the link to my blog on your blog where u posted links to other websites. i added your link on my blog as well, so i'd be really honored if u could add my link or atleast grace my blog with a comment in the shoutbox =)

Dana (MODAna) said...

excellent jacket, hope you get your camera back soon! :)

Marina said...

I love AW vest!It looks so chic on you!i love how you wear black&grey clothes.
And Wolford is made for your body, I think!

chauss said...

shaq, thanks, i will stop by your blog this week. :)

dana, i don't really own a i tried to take some pix of the cool skull bracelet and i dont know how to focus close. so it was a mess. pix soon.

marina, thanks, and speaking of black.... there are allegedly four color types for people to wear, spring, fall, winter and summmers. when i had my colors professionally done, i just laughed... i tried some stuff on fot the color "expert" and even she agreed, i looked good with black. black was a color that was NOT in my alleged color category. funny, huh?
anyway, that was years ago and i have learned to trust my own intution. and yeah, i do push the envelope regulary. c'est la vie for me.
when you FEEL good, you look good. you radiate that aura and confidence which others find attractive.

Unknown said...

nice looks :) i am doing fine. positive,;) going away for this weekend. have a nice weekend :) said...

i'm camera challenged as well c...i've done some research and i think i'm getting the panasonic lumix. will let you know how that goes.

the AW vest is yuuum.

Anonymous said...

check out item 150275228020 on ebay...has you written all over it!!! beat up kelly like you wanted! good price too...for that.

Ashleigh said...

I've been looking for a leather vest and can't seem to find oe I really like thats affordable...yours is perfect...again- it on you! and you are smokin' in black!

Marina said...

Chauss!I abs agree with you! And I think that this rule "feel good, look good" really works!