Sunday, July 6, 2008

ckparis and golden goose boots et al.

hey readers, how's the weekend going?

the first pix is of me in my NEW golden goose booties. i have always wanted a pair of these..they come predestroyed and the dirt is included.

hey antoine, chauss is in flat booties! does it work for you?
i paired them with denim cutoffs, and my kieselstein-cord 'gator belt. it was pouring rain outside so those paparazzis only got a pix of my booties... next time.

i paired the next pix of moi with the golden goose boots pix so you would recognize me avec heels. lol.
i am wearing marc jacob pom pom black suede platform booties, hermes ebene and palladium cdc and my givency black patent distressed leather maxi 'gale. i love the look of pairing a pretty dress with roughed up accessories. the pristine look doesn't work for me.

hey matt, was hermes buenas aires able to repair your cdc?


Matthew L. Romo said...

hey, c... im loving this look as always...

haven´t had a chance to stop by hermes bs as, but i think i might just wait until i get back to boston. im sure my SA will take care of everything there. maybe they can call up the ´artisan´´ who made it or something lol. 3D shit! thankfully i have my other CDC as a replacement B)

Fashion Is Poison said...

hey GORGEOUS! ahh in love with your LBDs. The Givenchy is ohsogood, too. And omg flat boots?! Still hot!

oh no! something happened to matt's CDC? :[

I asked the SA to put me down for the gold hardware brown or black CDC...we'll see how many years that takes.

btw...since you're the fab shoe expert, I've got to you know how Givenchy shoes run..? I just got some booties off barneys and am praying that they fit because I LOVE them.

Laurel said...

C! Loving the boots, bb! How are you?

I'm back from SF and cannot wait to wear all of the ridiculousness I bought - haha.

I hope you're well, beautiful!

Vertiginoso said...

YES, The "Cow-Girlesque Chauss is in flat Booties ", AND I really want to fall under her fire shots !!!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Clem said...

I love those boots !

Marina said...

Your dress is perfect!And your bag very very cool!I always love to see your pics!

S. said...

I love you in flat boots!

The pristine look does not work for me either... which is why I often shy away from heels, they are hard to tone down.

Tell me more about the skirt you bought. :)

chauss said...

matt, good to have a "spare'

fashion, i dont know how givency runs...

laurel, thanks. i wanna see you in your new stuff.

antoine, you really like the flat booties? i ahad them on this am
with shorts, super cute...

clem and marina, thanks. always GREAT to hear from you!

search, i havent worn it yet. thicker than the fatal black, of course... how many times do you fold your fatal to make it a shorter skirt?

Dana (MODAna) said...

predestroyed? Alrightie then, saves you the trouble of walking in trenches.
I really like the scarf around your neck - sorta like a necklace cuff

S. said...

Hi C!

Two times...wear it high waisted under tops.. could also fold it three times, I like the coverage..
have thought about buying white fatal dress could be a nice contrast with rick owen's jacket.. but they seem very fragile in white.

Matt: What happened to your CDC? :/

Vertiginoso said...

ps: Eeeeeuuhh (Shy), I ask only to see it . . . Gloups . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine

Guirec Munier said...

U r a fashion addict ! If u want, I invite u to come to see some of the most beautiful heels, dresses and bags of the Paris fashion week !

See u !

KATLIN said...

I really need to start wearing tighter things! I wear such loose shirts and it does nothing for my body!

Unknown said...

geez!! you always have THE BEST shoes!!!! you look ridiculously fabulous!

bagcraze said...

chauss!!! u're not going to stop rockin this bag don't ya :p
it's me seahorseinstripe from TFS btw... luv ur style girl :)

Anonymous said...

chauss..all caught up. as for the boots, they looked much better when i saw them in person. you look great in short dresses.