Wednesday, July 16, 2008

ckparis and premio award

The rules are:
1.When received, you may post the premio to your blog.
2.Link to the blogger you received it from.
3.Give it to 7 blogs
4.… link to those 7 blogs
5.…and leave those seven bloggers a comment about receiving the brilliant premio.
I will be tagging four people with this premio. and they are:
(i think i did this right.)
vogued out fashion is poison searchforchic and

ashleigh gave me my award.

enjoy. this was WAY too much linking and typing time for me. i need a linking lesson. :)


elysia mann said...

i love your modesty :)

Fashion Is Poison said...

thanks babe! i'll playing ;)

Liz Lizo said...

thanks for the award. lets see if i can manage tagging 7 blogs.